The Story of Bamboo Restaurant

Welcome to Bamboo House Restaurant, the revival of Thanh Thao and your new family away from home! Our objective at the end of the day is for you to come into Bamboo, eat our food and feel like you’re at your grandmother’s house. Not just through our food, but the atmosphere we create through our servicing.

We have such strong families at home and because of that we want to provide that kind of atmosphere at Bamboo for people who might not have that same privilege. With the majority of our staff either being first generation immigrants themselves or coming from parents that are first generation immigrants, a value that has resonated with all of us since childhood is “The only way to touch a person’s hearts is through their stomach.” Because of that rule of thumb we are committed to putting our best foot forward when it comes to preparing ANY dish. This comes easy because our cooks have a passion for what they do. What we do makes us so happy, and so we want to share that happiness with the rest of our community.

What makes Bamboo House different from other Vietnamese restaurants first and foremost, is the culture we’ve been able to create, starting from us being Thanh Thao. We have had, and continue to have customers that have been with us for more than ten years. This is not just because we have homestyle dishes you crave once a week, but because our staff become your friends and then your family, and we find many of our customers coming back simply to hang out with us for an hour--and we love it. You’ll find that we consider everyone family already, just by choosing to walk in. So come get a taste of what a real home cooked meal tastes like, tell us about your day, and become apart of our family! Visit Bamboo House Restaurant today!